I Registered My Child for Regent Classic Tryouts–What Happens Next?

In the weeks and days before tryouts:

Make sure you have the cor­rect dates and times (includ­ing the rain date) for your child’s age-group and gen­der. The try­out is two nights and play­ers are expected to attend both nights. Let us know in advance if your child will be late or miss one or both nights due to ill­ness, injury or sched­ule con­flict. Often we can make arrange­ments so  your child will have a chance to be eval­u­ated at another time. Make sure your child has properly-fitting shoes.

The Day Before Tryouts:

Encour­age your child to get a good night’s sleep, eat well and drink plenty of water.

The First Night of Tryouts:

Check the weather fore­cast and look for updates if the weather looks threat­en­ing. If you do not hear from us, that means the try­out is still on.

Plan to arrive at Red­dan Soc­cer Park 45 min­utes early. Your child will need time to check in and warm up. They should have their cleats, shin­guards, water bot­tle and a properly-inflated soc­cer ball. They will be issued a t-shirt and a try­out num­ber to wear dur­ing the try­out. If they are try­ing out for the first time you will need to bring a copy of a birth cer­tifi­cate or pass­port as proof of age.

For par­ents, there will be an infor­ma­tional meet­ing as soon as the play­ers leave for the fields. No par­ents are allowed near the fields dur­ing the tryout.

The Sec­ond Night of Tryouts:

Plan to arrive at Red­dan Soc­cer Park 30 min­utes early for a quick check-in and warmup. If you have any ques­tions that were not answered on the first night we will be available.

After Try­outs:

We are required to wait until the end of the league sea­son before mak­ing offers so as not to dis­rupt cur­rent teams. The 56ers will begin mak­ing their offers at Noon on Sat­ur­day June 15. Regent will start at 6:00 p.m. on Sun­day June 16. It usu­ally takes 2–3 days for all the offers to go out, for the responses to come back and for the teams to be set. We can­not fin­ish mak­ing our teams until the 56er teams are set. If you do not hear from us on Sun­day, it does not mean an offer is not coming.

If your child receives an offer (by email) to play on a Clas­sic team, you will be given a time frame (usu­ally 24–48 hours) in which to accept or decline. If you accept, you should reg­is­ter as soon as pos­si­ble for Clas­sic soc­cer. You can­not claim your spot on the ros­ter until you register.

If your player does not receive a Clas­sic offer the club will notify you and encour­age you to reg­is­ter your child for a Rec team. Rec play­ers will have the oppor­tu­nity to train with Clas­sic teams and are encour­aged to try­out again at U12.

There is a pos­si­bil­ity that you child will receive a Clas­sic offer from another club such as Magic or Mid­dle­ton United. This hap­pens when there are not enough play­ers to form a team within a sin­gle club. We will inform you before­hand that an offer is com­ing from a club other than Regent. You will then have to option of accept­ing that offer or reg­is­ter­ing for a Regent Rec team.